We utilize the latest in state of the art technology and therapies in order to provide a unique, yet very effective treatment experience. Our treatments have been carefully selected to be gentle, therapeutically directed, and goal oriented in order to give the best results to each and every patient.

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

Our DRX9000 is the top of the line spinal decompression unit that provides a safe non-surgical treatment option for the relief of chronic neck and low back pain associated with herniated discs, bulging discs, and degenerative disc diseases such as spinal stenosis. The DRX9000 is an advanced technology of intermittent distraction with a controlled amount of force to a specific spinal segment. The injured disc or spinal segment is located and gently separated, creating a small vacuum, which allows the disc to be “pulled back in” taking pressure off the surrounding nerve roots.

Avicenna Laser Therapy

Our Avicenna 60W Laser is a Class IV High Power therapeutic medical Laser designed to bio-stimulate tissue healing at the cellular level and is the most powerful laser on the medical market. It works to alleviate pain, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, and enhance tissue healing. It is highly effective for both acute and chronic conditions as well as applicable on all areas and joints in the body. Treatment is pain free, safe, and effective. This laser has been used to alleviate and aid in the healing of chronic muscle aches to shoulder injuries to plantar fasciitis to TMJ and more. It truly can be used on any area of the body.​

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Chiropractic Care

We offer therapeutic chiropractic treatment in the form of gentle spinal manipulation utilizing a variety of different techniques such as manual adjusting, activator, flexion/distraction, and drop technique. We also utilize therapeutic myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, stretching, and a wide variety of therapeutic modalities using the latest technologies. A chiropractic adjustment is not always necessary or even implicated, therefore we are able to utilize a vast array of other techniques and therapies in order to best serve each individual patient’s needs.

Physical Medicine and Other Therapies

We offer multiple forms of electrical stimulation as well as ultrasound therapies that have been proven to be effective in relieving pain, increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation and aiding in the healing of soft tissues. These therapies can be used to treat many injuries from rotator cuff to spasms to IT band syndrome and more. Patients find these treatments to be both soothing and relaxing while helping to provide relief.

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We Provide Relief for Chronic Back, Neck and Sciatic Pain using Advanced Non-Surgical Technology

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