Frequently Asked Questions:

Due to our advanced patient monitoring system, treatments are virtually painless. In fact, regardless of the amount of pain patients may be in prior to treatment, most fall asleep while under care.

Due to the computer guided system, we can directly target your problematic disc in such a way that you can be pain free within as little as 3-6 visits.

Yes, we have treated many patients that have had previous spinal surgery. If however, you’re surgery required hardware fusion, unfortunately you are not a candidate for care. As you know, surgery has an very high failure rate and it is for this reason why many chronic severe neck and back pain sufferers come to our clinic so as to avoid surgery altogether. If you haven’t had hardware fusion or unsure if you’ve had hardware fusion, we encourage you to give our office a call today to find out if you’re a candidate for our care.

No all decompression treatment are effective. However, we only use the most advanced non-surgical treatment technology available today to provide you with the highest probability of treatment success. It is for this reason that chronic severe neck & back pain sufferers will choose our clinic before considering surgery.

Because we primarily deal with severe cases of neck and back pain… most of our patients have been suffering for years.
With our treatments, due to the sophistication of our treatment technology, it’s not necessarily a function of how long you’ve had the problem, but how your body reacts.

For this reason, we’re very selective as to the patients that we accept for care.
In fact, despite the amount of damage you have in your spine or how long you’ve had the problem, you can be pain free within as little as 3-6 visits.

Because our clinic focuses on severe cases of back and neck pain, many of our patients find great difficulty moving.

As such, our treatment technology bed rises to a horizontal position so that all you have to do is step up the bed and the bed will gently lower you down into treatment position.

There are significant differences between our treatments and traction/inversion tables.
In fact, traction/inversion tables are antiquated treatment technologies that are often not used for chronic severe back pain due to the number of side effects that can arise.

Where traction/inversion tables pull in a horizontal fashion there by not being lesion specific (therefore offering poor results), our treatment technology is computer guided to target your problematic disc so that you can enjoy quick result and pain removal.

Furthermore, our treatment technology has a sophisticated patient monitoring system that will monitor your body’s reaction while under care.
That is to say, our treatment technology will instantly notice if your muscles tighten up, you cough, sneeze, move etc. and make instantaneous changes to the treatment pull so that your muscles are always in a state of complete relaxation to maximize your treatment results.

This is why most of our patients, regardless of the amount of pain that they be suffering prior to treatments, will fall asleep while under care.

As you might imagine, many of our patients that are presently under our care have been told that they require surgery.
However, our treatment technology is preventing people from having to undergo risky surgery.

In fact, due to our treatment success, medical doctors are referring their patients to our clinic before recommending surgery.

We Provide Relief for Chronic Back, Neck and Sciatic Pain using Advanced Non-Surgical Technology

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